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       We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and marketers for the Replacement spares of Air/ Gas Compressors, Cement/ Power Plant Machinery and other Development works as per our client's requirements for the past 24 years.

        Our product range for engineering Replacement spares includes Spares for Air/ Gas Compressors viz. Cylinders, Pistons, Piston Rods, Valves, Connecting Rods, After Coolers, Inter Coolers, etc; for Vertical turbine Pumps viz. Bearings for Boiler feed Pumps, Shaft Sleeves, Impellers, Bearing Bushes, Rubber Bearings for sea Intake Pumps, Case Rings, Wear Rings, Floating Rings, Muff couplings, etc; for Gas Turbines viz; Lock Plates & Fasteners, Retainer Springs, Diverter Damper Seals, Compression Rings, Floating and seal rings, Stator Rings, etc; for Cement plants viz Chain links, Thrust Pads, Dowel Pins and Cone pins, Seal Rings, Rebabitting on Trunion Bearings, Counter shaft Bearings, Pinion Bearings, Slide shoe Bearings, Intermediate Bearings, Stator Bearings & Thrust Pads etc. by using different grades of white metal as per IS 25 specifications; and other Import Substitutions and Repairs of Critical Components either by samples or drawings recieved from our customers.

        We carry out In Situ machining of Turbine shafts on Labyrinth seal Areas & on Spigot collars. We have also mentioned In Situ the hollow trunion shaft of the Lignite Ball mill, Thrut Pads for Vertical gear box, Thrust collar of PA fan & Diffuser casing of the Steam turbine.

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